Moby Dick’s is going Green

Moby was a White Whale but he’s Green too!

What we are doing to preserve and protect our town, our Cape, and our planet…

We recycle all of our:

  1. Cardboard
  2. Glass (ie beer and wine bottles)
  3. Plastic
  4. Aluminum (ie beer cans)

All of our cleaning products are environmentally sensitive including:

  • Tablecleaner, De-greaser, Floor cleaner, Bathroom cleaner, Food service sanitizer, Dish soap & Hand Soap

All of our disposables are made from recycled material

We recycle all of our frying oil with Baker Commodities. They have been one of the nation’s leading providers of rendering and grease removal services. Baker Commodities is a completely “green” company, recycling animal by-products and kitchen waste into valuable products that can be used to feed livestock, power vehicles, and act as a base for everyday items.


We have replaced our propane gas hot water tank with a Renni tankless hot water heater. Conventional water tanks heat and store hot water around the clock. Because of this we were heating and re-heating water, constantly losing energy. A tankless water heater only comes on when you start to use hot water, and immediately shuts off when you are done, so we are not wasting energy when we do not need hot water.

Tankless water heaters have much more effective heat exchanger and burner systems than conventional tanks. This allows us to utilize a much higher percentage of our energy dollar rather than wasting it.